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The club has been flying on this field behind the College since 1946 and it's our main site for summer Friday evening meetings at 7pm where we fly an eclectic mix of free flight rubber power, catapult gliders, radio control and control line.  Electric power only for Radio control, but i/c power is allowed for Control line models

We also fly Free Flight and RC models indoors here in the winter.  We meet in the gym every Thursday at 7pm and in the large sports hall on some Saturdays at 2pm - see the events calendar for details.

SatNav Postcode for Impington CB24 9LX

Special Safety Guidelines for RC Flying at Impington

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This is an excellent site for electric Radio control only - no i/c power is allowed.  The site is really good and there is an easy 200 yard walk from the car park.  We are only allowed here as guests of Cottenham Parish Council, so please contact us for more info before flying here.


This site is for Radio Control and Control line - both electric and internal combustion power is allowed here.  In fact this is our only site where we can fly i/c Radio control as it's electric only at Cottenham and Impington.

Directions (A4 pdf)  Post code for SatNav is CB3 OFH

OS map for Girton

Arriving for the first time, it is suggested that you park in the Car Park by the Council Office and Sports Pavilion and walk diagonally across the Rec/Cricket Field to the gap at the North East corner.  This will take you to another field known as the 10 Acre Sports Field and which is usually marked out with multiple Football pitches.  Observe the state of the ground.
ln summer when the ground is dry and hard we are allowed to take vehicles onto the field (via the Iane between the Pavilion & primary school). Recommended speed limit is 5 mph.  GREAT CARE must be taken to avoid other users, children and dogs, both on the lane and on the field.  lf the field is not dry & hard, Do Not attempt to drive onto the field.  Flyers of larger RC models should note that other people may be on the field which may affect safety and that great care must be exercised.
For access to the Iane you will need a code for the gate which must be kept closed and locked after entering and/or leaving.  A committee member will supply the gate code on request.

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