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Club History - Friendship, Flying and Fun

In Cambridgeshire secondary schools are called, "Village Colleges" and Impington VC was one of the first.  The buildings of 1938/9 by Walter Gropius and Maxwell Fry are Grade I listed.  The school opened in 1939, two weeks after the outbreak of World War II.  As a village college, it was originally intended to encompass all aspects of learning in the village, and included prominent space for adult education.

Ray Malmström was appointed art teacher shortly after the war and soon began the model aeroplane club.  Many of his designs were first built by his pupils, indeed more than one founder member is still a member of the club.  The small field suited his rubber free flight designs, or is that the other way around.  Indoor flying took place in the hall and his art room, even i/c 'round the pole'.  Ray created the clubs motto of "Friendship, Flying and Fun" all those years ago and it still forms the club ethos to this day.

Ray with Mimi
Ray holding Mimi, a 1953 design for the Aero Modeller

The Club today

We are an active club with about 80 members. 

We meet every week at the college, just North of Cambridge at 7pm.  In summer flying takes place on Friday evenings on the sports field and in winter indoor flying takes place on Thursday evenings in the Gym. 

We also meet on regular Saturday afternoons for indoor flying in the larger hall at the IVC Sports Centre.  Outdoors (all year round) we fly electric radio models at Cottenham and i/c powered radio and control line at Girton when the weather is fine - see where we fly and the events calendar for info. 

We fly almost every type of model aircraft built from plans, kits, ready made and our own designs.  Indoors we fly rubber powered models and radio control.  Outdoors we fly freeflight rubber powered models and gliders, radio and control line.  We welcome all modellers no matter what they build or fly.  Come along sometime and see for yourself!  If you want any more information look at our Newsletters or videos on YouTube (or just search YouTube for IVCMAC) or to join the club, please contact us

Some members lined up for a club photo in April 2017


We don't have a joining fee and the fee for new members is reduced as we progress through the year.  As a BMFA affiliated club, all members must be BMFA members - but the membership secretary can arrange that for you.

Current membership fees are £28 for full membership and £34 for BMFA membership (unless you have this already)

Click here for our membership and renewal form

IVCMAC Committee

Chris Strachan Club President

John Wynn Club Chairman

John Copsey Club Secretary

Anne Parker

Tony Harper
Membership Secretary

Steve Mynott
Control Line Rep

Tony Neal
Radio Rep

Hugh Stevenson / Bruce Lindsay Indoor Comp Sec

Peter Cunnison Safety Officer

Steve Mynott
Radio Examiner

Alan Paul
Newsletter and Website Editor

Other Club History and Information

The best place to read about the clubs long history is to look at the page dedicated to our 1946 founder Ray Malmstrom

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