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This page has the miscellaneous collection of photos, but is also home lower down to Photos of the 70th Anniversary celebrationsTerry Kings Photo Archive and Terry Kings Videos

We enjoyed a fiendish festive quiz at the annual Christmas party on 14th Dec 2017.

Club Auction 2017

Club Auction 2017.  Chris Strachan is the auctioneer.  John Copsey assists and Michael Marshall keeps the score

Club Open Day 2017.  Steve Mynott BBQs and members guzzle

Peter Hoskison

with KK Gaucho

Hannah Gostlow
with Airco DH.10 'Amiens'
RTP - circa 1980

Clive King with Ray Malmström
Clive with Ray
Garry and KK Bandit

with Mills 1.3 replica

- article Sep/Oct 2015 newsletter

drawing of GB3-1938

Terry King

Phil Bailey's 2cc Swiss Dyno

- article Mar/Apr 2016 newsletter

Terry King with Imp
towline glider

- plan
Terry with Imp
Dennis Sharman
Raymond Fella
'Manta' fun model

Alan Hunter
manta fun model
Ray Malmström with Coaxair

Ray lent the model to John McIntyre who
drew up a plan  . . long since lost, but he's
recently re-created it:

- plan on two sheets of A3
Ray M
A collection of Ray Malmström designs

at Impington Village College
rays models
Gordon Hannah and Chris Strachan
Gordon and Chris
Impington Village College in 1945
IVC 1945
The one not flapping measures 4m
highland rcglidingclub

photo Gordon Taylor

Scarab tailplane x1.5
Ray Malmström winding and counting
John McIntyre holding the model
Raymond Fella soaking in the occasion
Ray counting
Brian Golding

working on Auster
Brian Golding
Airglow human powered plane

designed and built by John and Mark McIntyre

flying in the early morning at Lasham
Sept 2011

Airglow flying July 2013

photo Peer Frank (designer of Velair 88 and Velair 89)

70th celebrations June 2016
Photos John Wynn, Garry Flack, John Copsey, Gotthelf Wiedermann and Ruth Simmons

founder members:
Tom Johnson, Alan Waley, Ivan Foster and Derek Unwin - prevented from attending were Kieth Toliday and Ernest Wynn

Terry Kings Photos

Terry King took photographs for many years and provided so many that it seems appropriate to have a special gallery of his snaps . .
He also took many videos.  These are listed at the end of this page or look on YouTube - search for IVCMAC or click here  All IVCMAC videos are here, but Terrys videos are the older ones ranging from 2000 to 2009.

Terry King and Brian Golding

- click to enlarge

- click to enlarge

Geoff Waters and Brian Golding
Gerry Camps and Doug Ashley
Tony Gilbert aka Cosmo
Geoff Waters
Allan Callaghan and Andrew Moorhouse
Geoff, Don Haines, Ray
  Vic Simcox, Mark Miller and Terry King

Ivan Foster, Reg Smith, John McIntyre
  Tony Neal, John Wynn, Graham Grant
    Alan Hunter and Brian Golding

Brian Golding
Terry King
Brian Golding, John Wilson and Dennis Sharmann
Bob Hodgkiss

final adjustments to his Peerless Panther

Burt Judge holding for Terry
Terry's ISIS
Peter Michel

with John Lawson designed Wakefield

Vic Dubery

with Condor Clipper

Peter Michel

with Jackdaw

Andrew Moorhouse

with Jumbo Comper Swift

Sid Sutherland

with Sal Taibi designed Hornet

RC pit - 1982
Don Knight with his winning Jackdaw

being presented with an original
Rupert Moore painting [Rupert's son is on the right] by Ron Knight

Prize Giving

Ron Moulton, Ken Tausley and Bob Copland

Peter Michel with
Bob Copland designed GB3

Ron Moulton, Vic Smeed
  Jim Fullerton and David Barker

Cranfield 1970
Cranfield 1970
Cranfield 1970
Cranfield 1970

Bob Copland with his Wakefield
Geoff Waters 1982 Oakington
Reg Parham 1982

Lionel Mills with Rudderbug
F Hawke
flying Super Buccaneer

Awarded the Keil Trophy - 1982

Pat Mantell with Vulcan

Biggleswade Common 1979

David Baker assisted by Mario
David Baker
flying his Sadler Pacemaker

Biggleswade Common 1979

Sandy Common 1979

David and Mark Miller
Sue and David Miller

Terry King
Mark Miller with Tx
Alan and Karen Hunter

Terry Kings's Videos transferred to YouTube
ImpingtonIndoors December 2000
Impington Public Event in main hall March 2001
Impington Outdoors Aug 2004
Impington Indoor club night and Public Meeting March 2002
Impington Outdoors July 2002
Impington Public Event in Main Hall Oct 2001
Impington Indoors March 2001
Impington Public Meeting Oct 2002

Old WardenOld Warden June 2009
Old Warden July 2000 and Impington outdoors Aug 2000
Old Warden June 2000
Old warden and Middle Wallop July and Aug 2001
Old Warden May 2000
Old Warden July 2001
Old Warden May 2001
Old Warden May and July 2003

Middle WallopMiddle Wallop Aug 2002 Terry King describing his models
Middle Wallop winning flight July 2002 with AV46
Middle Wallop Euros Aug 2000
Middle Wallop Peter and Dick Twomey Aug 2007

MiscellaneousFerry Meadows Sept 2001
Sculthorpe Aug 2007

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