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70th celebrations - photos John Wynn, Garry Flack, John Copsey, Gotthelf Wiedermann and Ruth Simmons

founder members:
Tom Johnson, Alan Waley, Ivan Foster and Derek Unwin - prevented from attending were Kieth Toliday and Ernest Wynn

many of the photos Ray had in his collection and all of those in the Eagle book of aeromodelling were taken by Tom

 - link Terry King IVCMAC photo archive

Peter Hoskison

with KK Gaucho

Brian Golding and Terry King

Hannah Gostlow
with Airco DH.10 'Amiens'
RTP - circa 1980

Clive King with Ray Malmström
Clive with Ray

Garry and KK Bandit

with Mills 1.3 replica

- article Sep/Oct 2015 newsletter


drawing of GB3-1938

Terry King


Phil Bailey's 2cc Swiss Dyno

- article Mar/Apr 2016 newsletter

Terry King with Imp
towline glider

- plan
Terry with Imp

Dennis Sharman

Raymond Fella

'Manta' fun model

Alan Hunter
manta fun model

Ray Malmström with Coaxair

Ray lent the model to John McIntyre who
drew up a plan  . . long since lost, but he's
recently re-created it:

- plan on two sheets of A3
Ray M

A collection of Ray Malmström designs

at Impington Village College
rays models
Gordon Hannah and Chris Strachan
Gordon and Chris

Impington Village College in 1945
IVC 1945

The one not flapping measures 4m
highland rcglidingclub

photo Gordon Taylor


Scarab tailplane x1.5

Ray Malmström winding and counting
John McIntyre holding the model
Raymond Fella soaking in the occasion
Ray counting

Brian Golding

working on Auster
Brian Golding

Airglow human powered plane

designed and built by John and Mark McIntyre

flying in the early morning at Lasham
Sept 2011


Airglow flying July 2013

photo Peer Frank (designer of Velair 88 and Velair 89)

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