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John Copsey displays some excellent Control Line Aerobatics at the Girton fete Summer 2017

John Copsey Contest Director at the Ray Malmstrom Trophy at Girton Summer 2017

'getting ready'

John Copsey

getting ready
Ray Malmström design

Tony Welch

- article Jul/Aug 2014 newsletter

- plan

Sweet heap
Bristol Bulldog II

Mick Staples

winner of the Bristol Cup at the 1979
Model Engineer exhibition

Mick's Bristol Buldog

close up Mick's Bulldog
Bristol Bulldog

Mick Staples

Aero Modeller November 1979
Mick Nov 1976
Barton Bipe

Jim Springhams

made and designed by him for the
Barton B team race, possibly the first
biplane to race

motor - Irvine 25 glow
Garry's biplane

Brian Turner designed FAI
a racer from the sixties using
a 2.5cc diesel

 . . if you want to know about the
distinctive colour - ask Garry
another of Garry's
control liners
control liners

Snowy Early Bird
early bird
John Copsey
CLAPA Champs 2013
John at CLAPA
Sea Fury

Tony Welch
Gliders and Combat Wings
gliders and combat wings
Profile Nobler

Reach for the Sky
reach for the sky
Steve and Tony at Old Warden
old warden

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