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Tony Neal after test flying his new Taylorcraft at Cottenham Feb 2018

Gotthelf Weidermanns new Flying Flea January 2018.

This has elevator control by tilting the whole upper wing and flies very well indoors

Richard Staines new KK Pixie conversion for electric and RC.  Spans 23" and renamed the Pixi-e.  Dec 2017

Gotthelf Weidermanns new Sharkface Dec 2017

Alans Eurofighter Typhoon flew indoors in a semi controlled way Dec 2017, but needs some more tweaks

Tony Neals nice Farman "Postie" flew well in the sports hall at Impington Nov 2017

Trevors Santa drone annoyed everyone by singing Christmas carols as it flew in Nov 2017.  No carols till December is the rule!!

Alan Hunters Cheesewrap Summer 2017

Early RC Summer fliers at Impington 2017

A good turnout of early Summer flyers at Impington 2017

Happy band of early summer flyers at Cottenham 2017

John Street wins the hedge landing competition at Cottenham Summer 2017

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Richard, John and Gotthelf fly at Impington Summer 2017

Summer RC flyers at Cottenham 2017

Another good turnout at Impington Summer 2017

Sunny winter flying at Cottenham Feb 2017

Wot 4 and Mini Wot 4 at Cottenham Summer 2017

Al Hunter's Scarab
52" Pterodactyl
balsa structure
covered with Profilm/Oracover

Richard Staines

-article Jul/Aug 2015 newsletter

Raymond Fella with Tomboy

Albert Hatfull's design

Scarab for 3 channels

Tony Neal

Alan Hunter own design
stick and tissue electric flyer

Tony Neale

stick and tissue
converted to electric flight
- dummy engine

Gotthelf Wiedermann

- article Sep/Oct 2015 newsletter

Luton Minor

John Valiant

- article Jan/Feb 2014 newsletter
Luscombe Silvair

Albert Hatfull designed Scarab

Bryan Gostlow

- article Mar/Apr 2016 newsletter

- plan

stick and tissue kit
electric flyer

Gotthelf W

FRED and pup

Gotthelf W

- article Mar/Apr 2014 newsletter
two Freds
Vic Smeed Ballerina

Alan Hunter
Alan's Ballerina

over Old Warden

Gotthelf W
over Old Warden

own design Manta

Alan Hunter

Belair Viking

Gotthelf W

- article May/Jun 2015 newsletter
Gotthelf's Viking


Raymond Fella
Raymond F Tomboy


Albert Ross
by Pete Iliffe

- click to enlarge
Pete Iliffe

by Pete Iliffe

- article Jul/Aug 2016 newsletter

- link

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