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Al Hunter's Scarab
52" Pterodactyl
balsa structure
covered with Profilm/Oracover

Richard Staines

-article Jul/Aug 2015 newsletter

Raymond Fella with Tomboy

Albert Hatfull's design

Scarab for 3 channels

Tony Neal

Alan Hunter own design
stick and tissue electric flyer

Tony Neale

stick and tissue
converted to electric flight
- dummy engine

Gotthelf Wiedermann

- article Sep/Oct 2015 newsletter

Luton Minor

John Valiant

- article Jan/Feb 2014 newsletter
Luscombe Silvair

Albert Hatfull designed Scarab

Bryan Gostlow

- article Mar/Apr 2016 newsletter

- plan

stick and tissue kit
electric flyer

Gotthelf W

FRED and pup

Gotthelf W

- article Mar/Apr 2014 newsletter
two Freds
Vic Smeed Ballerina

Alan Hunter
Alan's Ballerina

over Old Warden

Gotthelf W
over Old Warden

own design Manta

Alan Hunter

Belair Viking

Gotthelf W

- article May/Jun 2015 newsletter
Gotthelf's Viking


Raymond Fella
Raymond F Tomboy


Albert Ross
by Pete Iliffe

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Pete Iliffe

by Pete Iliffe

- article Jul/Aug 2016 newsletter

- link

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