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Public Indoor Meeting - 29th October 2017

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Seminar to be given by Andrew Hewitt on the subject:  Getting challenging free flight scale models to fly

-  something at which Andrew has enjoyed very considerable success.

Terry King's videos

Edited by Alan Paul January 2017  here

November Newsletter

September Newsletter:

Recently added
: rubber motor turns calculator
Cribbed from SAM 35 Speaks - June 2016 page 10

Scarab kits - 52.5" Scarab
There are a small number of half-kits available at £ 37.30 each for this x1.5 version of Albert Hatfull's classic design
Each includes laser cut parts and plans, but supply your own sheet and strip
 - this is a not for profit offer

70th celebrations - photos of the day - here

July Newsletter:

- founder member, Terry King

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Indoor FF Nats - John Valiant , Garry Flack and Chris Strachan compete for IVCMAC

May Newsletter

Terry King
IVCMAC photo archivelink

Recently added: video from 1992 of Ray at Impington

March Newsletter:

Recently added
: balsa density calculator

Previously unpublished plan
Some years ago Ray Malmström lent John McIntyre his Coaxair model so that John could make a drawing. To  mark this website's regeneration John had made his drawing available for the first time. There's both a large single sheet version together with one squeezed onto to A3 sheets - just that bit easier to get printed.
You'll find links to the plans, together with Bill Hannan's account of meeting up with Ray to fly Coaxair here

ray with coaxair

In the last month we've added:
Ray Malmström 60 years of IVCMAC click on cover to link

Indigo Indigo

Public meetings

Sunday March 20th 2016

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