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Prizes awarded at annual Christmas Party 14th Dec 2017

Chris Strachan (left) is awarded the Ren Cup for winning the combined 2017 outdoor rubber powered free flight events.
Presented by Michael Marshall

Gordon Hannah (left) is awarded the Ray Malmstrom Trophy for the outdoor rubber powered free flight event held during the open day in June 2017.  Presented by Michael Marshall

Pussycat competition held on 2nd Dec 2017

The Pussycat contest was held during the last flying session of the year in the main Sports hall.  Bruce reports –

This final contest of the year came to a crescendo with a grand total of 9 contestants – the biggest turn out of the year.  All the contestants were vying for a good result and once again it was noted that some of the contestants had been getting in some serious practice before the event!!

The flights came in surprisingly fast during the afternoon and the times were very consistent showing what a reliable little model this is.  Despite the large hall, best results needed a wide turn utilising all the space available, but you had to avoid the walls……. 

Each contestant was allowed 5 flights with the best 3 to count.   The results were –

Bruce Lindsay
166 sec
Hugh Stevenson
158 sec
Clive Anderson
142 sec
Gotthelf Weidermann
141 sec
Richard Staines
139 sec
John Wynn
134 sec
Phil Bailey
127 sec
Chris Strachan
105 sec
Clive Holgate
70 sec

Thank you to all who helped with the timekeeping and the totting up of the results.

The next Public Indoor Meeting is on Sunday 18th March 2018 in the big hall
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