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This section provides a home for interesting articles that may be useful reference items for club members and the wider aeromodelling community

Stuart Jessups 3D Printed powered glider - posted Jan 2018

Stuart writes about his experiences with his 3D printer here

Mark Saunders home brew Foam Cutter project - posted Dec 2017

Mark designed and made his own foam cutter.  Download the details here

Richard Crossley's guide to airbrushing  - posted Mar 28 2017

Taken from Richard's talk at the Spring Public Day

Richard Crossley's guide to carving pilots and crew  - posted Mar 28 2017

following Richard's talk at the Spring Public Day and with permission of the Aeromodeller
download part 1   download part 2

An important lesson learnt  - posted by Bryan Gostlow  Jan 12 2017

When the prototype Boeing 299 bomber crashed on August 30 1935 many people concluded that it was simply too complex to fly . .

Building a simple Torque Indicator

torque indicator

A design for a quick and easy Torque Indicator can be downloaded here

Automating a winder


Design notes can be downloaded here

Balsa density calculator

enter values for size and weight

width mm  
length mm  
thickness mm  
weight g  

lb/cu ft 

example: a 3" sheet of 3/32" balsa weighs 15g
when measured it is 76mm wide, 915mm long and 2.4mm thick
entering those values into the claculator and clicking on 'calculate' we get 5.61 lb/cuft

light or soft is anything between 4 and 5.5 lb/cuft
medium goes from 5.5 to 6.5 lb/cuft
heavy or hard ranges from 6.5 to 9.5 lb/cuft though some is more dense still

spruce is around 28 lb/cuft

Turns calculator

enter values for length and weight

length inches  

weight g  

calculated turns 

example: a 30g motor of un-stretched length 29 ins
entering those values into the claculator and clicking on 'calculate' we get 1,255 turns

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